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About the Company

At the moment LLC «DONROAD» consist of the following companies:

  • LLC «Spherastek» and LLC «Spherastek-are factories producing glass beads for road marking, for the blasting of metal products, for medical purposes etc. Factories «Spherastek» represent the enterprises of  the continuous cycle with production capability of  20 000 tones glass beads per year.  At the moment our production dominate in the national market. The technology equipment provides the production of  glass beads of all sizes (up to 1100 microns). The three-state control system is organized at the enterprise. The system permits to produce the best materials in the area of glass beads in the country. The factory laboratory has the high-technology experimental analytic equipment. The factory «Spherastek» is the leading enterprise in the area of research and new technology of glass processing.

  • LLC «Stroypolimer» is the enterprise producing composition materials for different purposes. It consists of factory complexes of the production of thermoplastics (up to 15 000 tones / year), two-part cold plastics (up to 2000 tones / year), mastics and impregnating compounds (up to 3000 tones / year), paints (up to 5000 tones / year). LLC «Stroypolimer» has its’ own research and production laboratories in the area of composition materials.

  • LLC «Voronezhdorbezopasnost» is the production company organizing the contracting in the area of the road-traffic safety since 2005. Company activities consist of: the circuit’s design of the traffic management and dislocation’s design of road signs; the application of road marking; the installation of facilities for the traffic management; the design and the production of technology equipment of  industrial purposes; researches in the area of materials for road repair and maintenance.

  • LLC «VDB-Razmetka» is the production contracting company specializing in the road marking application. LLC «VDB-Razmetka» has the high-technology fleet of marking equipments, transports and shadow vehicles. There are complex thermoplastic pavers (Hofmann 26-3, RME 550 and RME 650); complex airless equipments for the paint application based on vehicles Mitsubishi and Hyunday of the class Grago; hand marking macroaggregates Line Laser, Junior; boilers for warming the thermoplastic Hogmann. LLC «VDB-Razmetka» has qualified engineers and staff for road marking under the conditions of high-intensity traffic in cities. LLC «VDB-Razmetka» is permanently supported by community companies in the area of the quality of the works executed and materials applied.  LLC «VDB-Razmetka» permanently takes part in field studies of elaborated materials for road marking. LLC «VDB-Razmetka» has almost year-round experience of the road marking application with the cooperation of other companies.

  • LLC «Voronezhpenosteklo» is the research and development enterprise producing thermal insulants of  the glass foam for different purposes. LLC «Voronezhpenosteklo» has a line of the production of 10 000 m3 / year granulated and forged foamglass. The company organizes especial researches in the area of durable and ecologically clean thermal insulants based on its own laboratories.


All the companies of LLC «DONROAD» have theirs’ own production bases; laboratory, factory and storage areas with total space more than 75 000 m2 situated in Voronezh region, the Russian Federation.
We  hope sincerely that our knowledge, scientific research results, experience and manufacturing feasibilities permit You to appreciate the quality and reliability of new Russian technologies in the area of the road-traffic safety, the road pavement’s exploitation and the production of high quality industrial equipment.

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