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Limited liability company «DONROAD» is the group of multibusiness companies that specializes in the elaboration, the implementation and the production of new materials, equipments and technologies in the area of road maintenance and repair.

Principal lines of business LLC «DONROAD»

  • applied scientific research in the area of  road/airdrome maintenance and repair

  • production of bitumen-polymer mastics, adhesives and blends for the road/airdrome maintenance process

  • production of glass beads for road marking

  • production of paints for road marking

  • production of  thermoplastic materials for road marking

  • production of  chemical two-part cold plastics for road marking

  • production of  impregnating compounds for the protection of the cement concrete pavement and constructions

  • production of modifying agents for the cement concrete

  • projecting of the traffic management and dislocation’s schemes of road signs and road marking

  • work execution of the road marking application, of the installation of facilities for the traffic management

  • elaboration and production of different industrial equipment and full equipment systems for production of paints, two-part cold plastics, thermoplastic materials and glass beads.

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